Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fake anti-virus software a growing online threat

Google said Tuesday that fake software security programs rigged to infect computers are a growing online threat with hackers tricking people into installing nefarious code on machines.

An analysis of 240 million Web pages by the Internet search giant during the past 13 months revealed that fake anti-virus programs accounted for 15 percent of malicious software it detected.

"The Fake AV threat is rising in prevalence, both absolutely and relative to other forms of Web-based malware," Google said in its findings.

"Clearly, there is a definitive upward trend in the number of new Fake AV domains that we encounter each week."

Fake anti-virus (AV) peddlers rig websites to frighten visitors with pop-up messages warning that supposed scans have found dangerous malicious software on machines.

The scam goes on by selling victims programs that hackers claim will fix the purported problems but which in fact usually plant nefarious computer code on machines.

Such transactions can also leave credit card information in the hands of cyber crooks.

"Surprisingly, many users fall victim to these attacks and pay to register the Fake AV," Google said.

"To add insult to injury, Fake AVs often are bundled with other malware, which remains on a victim’s computer regardless of whether a payment is made."

Google has refined tools to filter out booby-trapped Websites and hackers have evidently responded by flitting from one domain name to another.

Source: ca.news.yahoo.com

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Local Computer Repair

iYogi fixes all your computer related problems via remote desktop connections; hence no need to take your desktop or laptop to any service center.

At iYogi, we fix problems with software, hardware, virus & spyware, Internet, printers, scanners or any hardware devices that are attached to a computer. In short, we will help you troubleshoot anything in or attached to your PC, no matter which brand it is.
Support Coverage:
• Windows operating system support
• Hardware/software issues
• Networking/sharing support
• Virus & spyware removal
• Internet connectivity issues
• Printer, Faxes and Scanners
We offer live 24*7*365 and remote technical support for all software, hardware and computer manufactures including:
• Compaq
• Hewlett-Packard
• Sony
• Acer
• Gateway
• Microsoft
• Samsung
• Toshiba
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• iYogi monitors your computer for hardware and software problems
• Describes the problem and fix it step by step
• 24/7/365-smart tech support offered via phone, chat and e-mail
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iYogi has combined the best technical support technologies into a new comprehensive process that assure to fix all computer problems through remote over the web. We can connect directly to your computer with our secure, remote control software. Our certified technicians are highly trained with computer repairs, both hardware and software. You can put your feet up and study everything that we are doing by watching your screen while we are troubleshooting your problem. Using the computer information gained from your PC's diagnostic testing, our engineers can perform diagnosis and repairs that are perfect to your computer's software and hardware configuration.