Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In News: iYogi Re-Defines Technical Support –

Remote managed services are gaining a lot of attraction these days. Companies are looking to outsource the maintenance and monitoring of their IT infrastructure to a third party to improve efficiency and save costs. caught up with Uday Challu, founding partner and CEO, iYogi, to see what the company has to offer in this space.

As far as Enterprise and SME customers are concerned, which verticals are you focusing on?

Our focus will mostly be on small companies with around five to 100 users and also firms that have multiple small branch offices like travel agencies, retail stores etc.

What kind of support services do you provide to your customers? What is the Green PC service?

iYogi provides the next generation of remote computer support services for consumers and businesses. For consumers, our live 24/7 support extends to technologies we use everyday, including hardware, software applications, devices, peripherals and networking equipment. iYogi also offers a full range of business IT solutions including managed monitoring, managed services, set-up and installation services, and incident-based services.

Green PC Service

With the current state of the global climate and increasing dependency on the computer, iYogi helps PC users reduce their carbon footprint and save money at the same time. iYogi’s Green PC service is the first in the independent computer support industry to offer customers a way to save money, conserve energy and protect the environment by optimising their PC’s efficiency. Consumers and businesses can save up to $200 per year, per desktop, in energy costs with iYogi’s Green PC application. This green application makes the computer environmentally friendly by reducing power consumption by almost 50 percent.

Our Green PC dashboard helps customise power settings and calculate power savings in kWh (kilowatt hour). The Green PC dashboard also gives a status on the reduction of CO2 and how responsible usage will benefit the environment by saving trees. A customised service that increases the energy efficiency of computers, undertakes the below-mentioned three primary initiatives:

- Computer assessment, analysing settings and PC energy use
- Customised efficiency planning geared specifically to the individual’s usage patterns
- Implementing setting changes to maximise the computer’s energy use

What are the technologies that allow you to offer 24/7 support and ensure there is no downtime at the client site?

We have invested significantly in developing a comprehensive monitoring and management tools stack. This enables us to manage and monitor all devices in the office network as well as for branch offices and mobile users. Our tools continuously monitor the customer’s network and notify our NOC (Network Operations Centre) in case of problems. Based on the set of events, tickets are automatically generated and escalated to corresponding teams. Over and above our proactive approach, the customer always has an option to call our 24X7 support line for issues that are not identified via the monitoring tools.

Please throw some light on your proprietary iMantra technology.

iMantra is a CRM system, which is tailor-made to suit the emerging business needs at iYogi. It allows for the formation of individualised customer relationships with the aim of providing personalised services to each subscriber. This tool is built on the latest java technology with a layered architecture that makes it scalable and secure. This architecture provides a seamless workflow and independent channels for various business needs: sales, support, quality and customer service. The entire system can be exposed in the form of secure APIs and Web services, which makes it a re-usable entity.

Your business model is similar to BPOs in India providing technical support to offshore customers. What unique values do you bring to this ecosystem that would help a potential client choose you over a competitor?

iYogi’s business model is different from traditional BPOs. Some key factors that differentiate iYogi include:

- Direct-to-consumer and -small business: iYogi delivers technical support services directly to consumers and small businesses and is a global technical support brand based out of India. Unlike traditional BPOs in India, iYogi does not provide any private label support and/ or work on behalf of large OEMs or software publishers.

- Optimised Processes: iYogi has developed proprietary processes for consistently delivering on a resolution rate of 87 percent, which is among the highest published benchmarks in the support industry, where averages hover in the range of 50 percent.

- Comprehensive technology platform: iYogi’s global delivery platform, iMantra, gets smarter with every customer interaction. It documents every problem, the solution and relevant hardware and software aspects, while capturing each customer’s demographic information and creating a behavioural profile. All of this information is at the fingertips of iYogi’s Global Tech Experts. This set-up combines a knowledge base with a comprehensive set of tools and technology expertise. iYogi offers a range of tools that complement its remote support services for helping customers maintain technology at peak performance levels. iYogi’s products include iYogi Smart PC Scan, iYogi Support Dock, iYogi Green PC and iYogi PC Optimisation.

How do you plan to move up the value chain in the times to come?

The growing use and penetration of the Internet and new Web-based applications has consequently opened the door to threats and vulnerabilities, which affect the system performance and ultimately lead to degrading performance. If the threats are diagnosed early on, the impact on efficiency can be minimised considerably. Currently, a user only realizes that he needs technical support once the damage has occurred and reactive methods of support are used to recover from the loss.

At iYogi, we are developing our capabilities to not only provide support when demanded, but to also monitor, pre-empt and fix threats before they can cause any damage to the computer. This will be possible only by combining technology with processes that are capable of re-defining the way technical support is delivered today.

What is your India strategy?

Technically, we are capable of servicing any geography including India. At this stage, we are looking for the right kind of partners to find access to potential customers and provide them a consolidated, 360-degree solution and services for issues relating to hardware, software, network etc. We aim to launch our India services in the coming six to eight months. Our services will offer clients a one-stop solution for all their business needs.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

How to troubleshoot a Home Network issue in WIndows XP

You may have to know the kind of network structure that you are using to complete these steps. If you are not sure, go to the "Home-network structures and their configurations" section.

To troubleshoot a home network issue, use the Windows XP Home and Small Office Networking Troubleshooter in Help and Support Center to try to isolate and resolve the issue.

To do this, follow these steps:

1. Click Start, and then click Help and Support.
2. Under Pick a Help Topic, click Networking and the Web.
3. Under Networking and the Web, click Fixing networking or Web problems, and then click Home and Small Office Networking Troubleshooter.
4. Answer the questions in the troubleshooter to try to find a solution.

If the troubleshooter resolves the issue, you are finished.

If the troubleshooter does not resolve the issue, determine your home-network structure in the "Home-network structures and their configurations" section, and then follow the Windows Support Center

Friday, July 17, 2009

Microsoft XP Support Via Remote by Expert

I have been having issues with my Windows XP for a while and I decided to go online to figure what really was the best way of getting online XP support. I really wanted to hear from my peer group as to what they had in their experience as users found to be the best form of XP support.

Before I really get into what I found from other online XP help users, I found recommendations from some (obviously tech savvy) users suggesting that I take a tutorial on Microsoft's website. I don't know about feel comforted and helped you need to feel that someone is out there thinking of your problem. Just wandering through tutorials may somewhat explain a feature or two of windows XP but is certainly no substitute for online XP support. A tutorial is certainly not going to help me when I need to troubleshoot a Windows XP error. Online XP support may be of better use. Hey, its not that my mind is made up but I know what I want out of my XP help; live full time support for windows XP from qualified and trained professionals.

We have grown as a business and one of the first things we need to do is upgrade the version of windows XP that we use. There are choices to be made for which I need qualified advise. Also, Microsoft Windows XP professional I am told has many features like data recovery options and networking tools which are recommended for small business. I believe that there are also higher versions for the product for companies that process more data; how much is more? I wonder? I really need some concrete advice and not scanty piecemeal suggestions. I need someone who will advise with authority and responsibility not only on Windows XP support but also other computer support issues that are always coming up on a daily basis.

What I have understood from various users and articles on the Internet on the subject of XP support is that getting a holistic tech support contract is probably my best option. A good tech support company will not only provide online XP support but also be there for other issues. It is not feasible for me to be on top of issues like network security and virus and other critical updates. Someone needs to watch these issues like a hawk and my hawk or remote XP support is going to come from a good tech support company. Given that tech support companies work with multiple users, they are really on the ball with regard to Windows XP updates and the like.

I travel a great deal for my business and often use the remote file access feature of Windows XP and I have on more than one occasion had issues with this feature. With Microsoft XP support I should be able to continue my work while a qualified technician looks at my problem. Moreover, as I understand it, my job history is kept on record, thus making it easier for any troubleshooting to be done without my having to explain everything all over again.

Microsoft XP tech support is the way that I going to be running my business now. Leaving the everyday business of updates, downloads, firewalls, feature enhancements and drivers to the Online XP tech support professionals.

Really, after all my research and checking and cross checking, it's best to get Online XP tech support from the professionals. Windows XP tech support is responsible and accountable at the end of the day simply because it is their core business. Just as mine is to help you get your taxes done in time.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How to troubleshoot sound problems in Windows XP

This post describes how to troubleshoot common sound problems in Windows XP. This post is intended for a beginning to intermediate computer user.

Use the Windows XP Sound Troubleshooter

Windows XP includes a troubleshooting program which could help you resolve your sound issues. Start the Windows XP Sound Troubleshooter automatically or manually and then answer each question on-screen in order to try to find a resolution.

Step 1: Start the Sound Troubleshooter

If you are already familiar with Windows XP Help and Support Center, click the following link to start the Sound Troubleshooter: Sound Troubleshooter


Start Sound Troubleshooter manually by using the following steps:

1. Click Start, and then click Help and Support.
2. Under Pick a Help Topic, click Fixing a problem.
3. In the navigation pane on the left, click Games, sound, and video problems.
4. In the topic pane, on the right side, click Sound Troubleshooter.

Steps 2: Use the Sound Troubleshooter

1. Click the option that describes the problem that is occurring, and then click Next.
2. Repeat step 1 until your problem is resolved or until you have reached the end of the troubleshooting path.

Note You can click Back at any time to repeat the last step, or you can click Start Over to start the Sound Troubleshooter again.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What to Do About My Slow Computer

What is the best thing that you can do about your slow computer? Of course, you will first try to find out the causes hampering the functionality of your system. Well, there can be a number of reasons why any computer could be losing the cutting edge speed it was designed for.

Cyber malware like Spyware and adware are running freely on the Internet and they track each and everything of the software installed on your computer that you do not know about. Not only these invade into your system, but are also the main culprit of computer slowdowns. A good antivirus or antispyware software program can do wonders for your dying PC.

Another thing that you can take up is defragmentation. It is simple to do, and if you can't be concerned to download specialized de-fragmenting software, all you have to do is use the one that comes along with the Windows software. Perform the defragmentation at least once a month.

Another important thing if your file registry. The registry is a small file that contains record of everything that is done within the computer and it also maintains the stability of your computer. If your registry gets corrupt, your computer will certainly turn slow. Registries that are a few months old will always have null values, confused registry entries from bad installs, orphaned keys and traces left by cyber malware.

You need to install a good registry cleaner and windows optimizer which will help you to identify and eliminate multiple errors within and without the registry. The thing that is generally ignored by most computer users is maintenance of the system. You are required to take proper care of your PC as you do for your cars or any other machinery.

In case, nothing seems to work for your slow computer, then you must call computer support technicians to get your system diagnosed and repaired. These techs will provide you with 24x7 support along with quality expertise. They will not only help you with your slow computer but also suggest you tips and tweaks to keep malware at bay.