Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Windows 7: Internet Explorer can be disabled

Microsoft explained before the U.S. antitrust laws and injunctions of the European Commission. A simple manipulation will disable the Internet Explorer browser. It is also the case with many programs, including Windows Media Player.

The handling was already available in the 7048 build of Windows 7, today confirmed it will be possible to uninstall Internet Explorer like any other software using the uninstall tool in Control Panel of Windows 7.

But be careful, disable does not remove Internet Explorer. Indeed, appearances are deceptive, because if the user no longer sees the icon or the browser window, it will remain active because it is somehow driving the Windows interface.

Anyway, this is a big step, or rather an update for Microsoft not being accused of monopoly by its competitors (Opera, Mozila, and recently Google) and consumer associations. Windows is actually available in 95% of machines on the planet, the browser built-in editor is in the firing line of the European Commission and U.S. antitrust laws for years.

In mid-January, this Committee has sent a letter to Microsoft on the objections that the tying of Internet Explorer browser and operating system was contrary to "the EC rules on abuse dominant position (art. 82).

Without doubt pleased with the outcome, the European Commission, has recently release the pressure, but keep an eye on the publisher. With the release of Windows 7, the publisher will go even further, since it is not the only browser that will disable, but a list of programs associated with Windows. This is particularly true of many tools available directly in Windows Media Player Windows Media Player, Windows Search, gadgets, and software for creating DVD Windows DVD Maker

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