Monday, August 17, 2009

Troubleshoot Computer Will Not Wake with USB Devices

This blog provide how to Fix Windows XP error where USB keyboards and mice do not wake a machine in hibernation or stand-by mode.

There is a known problem with Windows XP and hibernation / standby mode with USB devices. If you move your mouse during hibernation or suspension, you may not be able to move the mouse again to wake up the machine. Also, in some circumstances, hibernation may cause an error, or the machine may hang when you try to awake it from hibernation.

More information can be read on Microsoft's website at by looking for knowledge base article 822603, or you can run Windows Update and download an update that fixes the problem. Note that this update may not be listed in the "Critical Updates" section; you may need to look through the "Windows XP" section on the left pane of the Windows Update screen.

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