Sunday, December 20, 2009

Windows 7 Guide For Wireless Networking

windows 7 updateWindows 7 is ready for all types of private networking at present in use, everything from the kind of Domain, Work-Group, peer to peer networks you set in the home (referred to as a homegroup) to small-scale local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs) in business.

Microsoft introduces Windows 7 update wireless networking, help you to configure and manage wireless connections with a various range of wireless devices that search and connect to wireless networks also known as Wi-FI.

With Windows 7 its easier to create a Wi-Fi network through Connection wizard. Users can easily connect to an available wireless network with a security key or manually connect to one not recognized. As you go through the manual process, you'll specify a network name, called the(Service Set Identifier).

Windows 7 simplifies the way you transfer your wireless setting from one system to another. It was the major irritation till date because to remember the security key is not an easy task and any mistake can puzzle you for hours or so.

you can easily take a back up of wireless networks settings on a USB drive and import it to another machine irrespective of on what OS other machine is working.

Windows Connect Now is one of the technology designed for simpler wireless device configuration. Now with Windows Connect its easier to create a wireless network at home or office. When you connect to a compatible router, Windows will walk you through all the necessary setup steps including naming your network and turning on the router's security features. Now you don't need to remember network settings when you connect a new computer. All you have to do is press the Wi-FI Protected Setup button on your router and it will automatically send the network settings to your computer. With Windows connect Now, users running Windows 7 can create network configuration settings and transmit them to the access point. Windows Connect Now (WCN) allows mobile and embedded devices, 802.11 access points (APs), and computers to securely connect, and exchange settings with each other. It allows you to easily set up a secure wireless network by using a USB cable or USB flash drive. Windows Connect Now uses one of the methods for easier configuration.

WCN-NET is Microsoft's standard for easier Wi-Fi configuration. It provides for configuration of devices using Ethernet in Wireless networks. In Windows it can search an unconfigured router, access point, base station or a device such as a Media Center Extender by using Upnp, authenticate with the device by using a personal identification number, provide wireless settings that are based on user selection and configure a wireless network over a wired Ethernet connection.

WCN-UFD writes configuration files to a USB drive for more secure wireless networks. It uses an API and an XML format to write configuration files.

WCN-MTP includes a Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) extension that enables an MTP initiator to provide an MTP responder with configuration parameters for joining a wireless network and supports more secure configuration of MTP-capable devices on wireless networks.

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