Monday, January 25, 2010

Install Printer


Know how to install printer on Windows XP computer

Before installing a printer on Windows XP operating system is to have suitable printer driver for the printer you are installing. There is no need to worry if you don’t have a driver disc. You can use the printer driver provided with by the printer manufacturer in the form of disc or you can also download the latest printer drivers from the manufacturer’s website. Follow the below mentioned steps to install printer on Windows XP system (assuming that you are installing the printer on a Windows XP computer and the printer is to be directly connected to the system).

1. Click on Start

2. Go to Control Panel

3. Click on “Printers and other Hardware”

4. Select “Add Printer” tasks from the task section to continue the printer installation.

5. You will see a “Welcome to the Add Pinter Wizard” screen, click on “Next”.

6. Select “Local printer attached to this computer” for printer connected directly to your PC.

7. Now click on “Automatically detect and install Plug and Play printer” option (in case you don’t have any information about the make and model of your printer).

8. Click on Next.

9. Select a Printer Port from drop-down menu present where the printer is connected or you can choose to create a new port.

10. Click on Next.

11. Select manufacturer of your printer from the list of manufacturers available and then choose the model of you printer.

12. Click on Next.

13. If you have the latest driver on CD/DVD disc then you should click on Have a Disk button to select the specified printer driver.

14. If the correct are selected then Windows will automatically install the files on your computer.

15. You will see a Printer icon in the Printer and Faxes section in Control Panel after the successful installation of the printer on your computer.

You can further make changes to the printer setting and feature by selecting the properties of the printer and selecting the desired settings.


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