Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How to setup the McAfee Parental Controls

This post explains how to set up the Parental Controls in 2008 McAfee Privacy Service.

Watch tutorial on how to Setup McAfee Parental Control

McAfee Parental Controls consists of three sections:

User Settings: Contains settings for Image Filtering, Content Filtering, Allowed Web Sites, and the Web Browsing Time Limits schedule.
Filtered Web Sites: Allows you to block or allow specific web sites.
Keywords: Allows you enable or disable Keyword filtering and to define a list of Keywords by which you can filter web sites.
Configure User Account Settings

Set User Account Information

After the Windows User Accounts have been created, you must set some basic information about each user:

Right-click the McAfee icon in your taskbar and select Open SecurityCenter.
Click Parental Controls.
Click Configure in the right pane.
Click Advanced.
Select the User Account you want to change and click Edit.
For each Limited User Account, you can define:
Whether Image Filtering should be enabled or disabled.
The Content Rating for the User Account, based on the age of the user.
The hours and days that you want that user to be able to access the internet.
NOTE: The options for Administrator User accounts are limited to enabling or disabling Image Filtering.

Image Filtering
Image Filtering can be enabled or disabled for each account, and allows you to filter websites based on whether the images are inappropriate.

Setting a user's content rating group
A user can belong to one of the following content rating groups:

Young child
Younger teen
Older teen
Setting a user's Web Browsing Time Limits
Green portions of the grid represent the days and times during which the user can access the Internet. Red portions of the grid represent the days and times during which access is denied.
Each grid denotes 30minutes time interval.

Click OK to save your changes and close the Edit User Account screen.

Create a list of Filtered Web Sites

The Filtered Web Sites list allows you to choose which websites you wish to explicitly block or allow sites.

Click Filtered Web Sites on the left pane.
Type the URL of website to add it to the list.
Select Allow or Block as required.

To change a URL on the Filtered Web Sites list, highlight the URL, then type the updated URL into the text box at the bottom of the screen and click the Update button.

For websites which have already been added to the Filtered Web Sites list, you can highlight the URL on the list and use the Block or Allow buttons to change the status of that URL. To remove a website from the list, highlight the URL and click the Remove button.

Create a list of keywords:
The Keywords screen allows you to enable or disable the keyword filtering for the McAfee Parental Controls and define a list of keywords to filter websites. Use the radio buttons to turn keyword filtering On or Off.

To add words to the list of keywords:
Type the word of your choice in the box called Look For.
Select the age category for the new word, and it will appear on the Word List.
Click OK to save your configuration changes.

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