Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How to troubleshoot sound problems in Windows XP

This post describes how to troubleshoot common sound problems in Windows XP. This post is intended for a beginning to intermediate computer user.

Use the Windows XP Sound Troubleshooter

Windows XP includes a troubleshooting program which could help you resolve your sound issues. Start the Windows XP Sound Troubleshooter automatically or manually and then answer each question on-screen in order to try to find a resolution.

Step 1: Start the Sound Troubleshooter

If you are already familiar with Windows XP Help and Support Center, click the following link to start the Sound Troubleshooter: Sound Troubleshooter


Start Sound Troubleshooter manually by using the following steps:

1. Click Start, and then click Help and Support.
2. Under Pick a Help Topic, click Fixing a problem.
3. In the navigation pane on the left, click Games, sound, and video problems.
4. In the topic pane, on the right side, click Sound Troubleshooter.

Steps 2: Use the Sound Troubleshooter

1. Click the option that describes the problem that is occurring, and then click Next.
2. Repeat step 1 until your problem is resolved or until you have reached the end of the troubleshooting path.

Note You can click Back at any time to repeat the last step, or you can click Start Over to start the Sound Troubleshooter again.

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