Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What to Do About My Slow Computer

What is the best thing that you can do about your slow computer? Of course, you will first try to find out the causes hampering the functionality of your system. Well, there can be a number of reasons why any computer could be losing the cutting edge speed it was designed for.

Cyber malware like Spyware and adware are running freely on the Internet and they track each and everything of the software installed on your computer that you do not know about. Not only these invade into your system, but are also the main culprit of computer slowdowns. A good antivirus or antispyware software program can do wonders for your dying PC.

Another thing that you can take up is defragmentation. It is simple to do, and if you can't be concerned to download specialized de-fragmenting software, all you have to do is use the one that comes along with the Windows software. Perform the defragmentation at least once a month.

Another important thing if your file registry. The registry is a small file that contains record of everything that is done within the computer and it also maintains the stability of your computer. If your registry gets corrupt, your computer will certainly turn slow. Registries that are a few months old will always have null values, confused registry entries from bad installs, orphaned keys and traces left by cyber malware.

You need to install a good registry cleaner and windows optimizer which will help you to identify and eliminate multiple errors within and without the registry. The thing that is generally ignored by most computer users is maintenance of the system. You are required to take proper care of your PC as you do for your cars or any other machinery.

In case, nothing seems to work for your slow computer, then you must call computer support technicians to get your system diagnosed and repaired. These techs will provide you with 24x7 support along with quality expertise. They will not only help you with your slow computer but also suggest you tips and tweaks to keep malware at bay.


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