Monday, November 30, 2009

Avast! Anti Virus Support for 64-bit Windows

It comes as quite a relief that the Avast! anti virus support now fully renders help to 64-bit Windows platform. This has been enabled in the Avast! Home and Professional versions. This has been seen as a big stride by ALWIL Software as it had been closely watching the proceedings and following up on the whole issue of taking up this platform by Avast!. The Windows XP 64-bit version has an extensive range of supporting up to 32 GB of RAM and 16 TB of virtual memory. A lot of antivirus support software cannot usually support the 64-bit Windows because of its massive storage. The Windows 64-bit version can run applications at great speed when engaged to work with big data sets.
These applications have the propensity to preload a lot more data into the virtual memory enabling quicker access by the 64-bit extensions of the processor. This minimizes the time taken to insert data into virtual memory and also in writing data storage devices. In this way, applications can run a lot quicker with greater control.
Regular antivirus support applications in 32-bit versions of Windows do not run on the 64-bit Windows. This is because the 32-bit versions depend on the 32-bit kernel drivers. However, the Avast! anti virus support application changes this equation by running traditional 64-bit drivers and still deliver the best mode of protection and safety as achieved in the 32-bit Windows. Both the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions get installed in the same way.

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