Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Microsoft Ordered To Stop Windows Sales In China

In a major revelation, word has been confirmed that China has banned Microsoft selling its multiple versions of Windows operating system. The cause has been related a local licensing agreement breach. The various versions of Microsoft's operating systems like Windows XP, 2003, 2000 or 98 software will not be available for sale anymore in China and it comes as a huge blow for the software giants. This breach was discussed in a court in Beijing and a ruling was passed stating that Microsoft has breached the norms of its licensing agreement with a company that makes designer fonts. It can be mentioned that the breach also involves on an agreement of using special Chinese Fonts only on the Windows 95 version by Microsoft.
Microsoft has decided to make an appeal regarding the ban on it's operating systems although it respects the "intellectual rights" and will respond in a legal way. The company, Zhongyi, is hell-bent on the breach by Microsoft in the agreement of allowing only special fonts for the Windows 95 version but said Microsoft violated the rights and had deployed the fonts in its subsequent versions of their operating systems as well. This case heralds the legitimacy of upholding intellectual property rights, since by winning the case against Microsoft, Zhungyi has proved the significance of the protection of intellectuall property rights. It's ironical, however, that this kind of ruling is passed in China given the amount of pirated software of Microsoft available in the Chinese market.

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