Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New NOD32 Anti Virus

With rapid advancement in technology, computer systems are also making big strides. More and more programs and applications have been compressed and made smaller in size and usage. However it is only natural that with new applications and programs, new stronger viruses will also evolve and pop-up on your computer screens. So it is very important, or actually most important, to equip yourself with the best antivirus program to protect yourself and keep you well safeguarded. Talking about Anti Virus programs, the NOD32 Anti Virus is the best antivirus program available this time around. It is, by far, the only anti virus program which can stop tpuo 100 % viruses running wild on your computer. It can stop worms, trojans, malware, spyware, phishing and much more.

NOD32 Anti Virus is the best antivirus and this has been further given more weightage by its ability to have not missed a single in the wild worm or virus. This was done through an extensive test on it by Virus Bulletin. The Bulletin is an independent testing organization equipped full-time antivirus personnel who are experts in their own fields. It is trusted by the best antivirus suites and recognized extensively within the antivirus industry for its thorough comparative tests with a focus set on virus detection rates, generation of false positives and scanning speed. It is through the tests carried by the Virus Bulletin wherein NOD32 Anti Virus was voted as the best antivirus with the unique capability of not missing out even a single in the wild worm upto date. The award still stands strong and NOD32 Anti Virus still does a lot better then any other antivirus suite in the industry.

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