Thursday, November 26, 2009

Grammar check in Microsoft Office Word

Usually, computers comes with the Microsoft Office or MS word along with it, they are among the better word processing programs available. It serves to perform a lot of editing tools such as spelling checks, grammar and writing techniques. However, these programs need to be activated. This is how they have to be done. Grammar check and auto-correction in Microsoft Office word allows one to make errors specifically acceptable and also adds a dictionary to the word documents.

Open the Microsoft Office Word document and click on "Office Button", and select the "word options" at the end of the pop-up screen. Now, select the "proof" tab and have a go at the editing options. Click the "Mark Grammar Errors" box and the "Check Grammar with Spelling" box. Use the "Writing Style" arrow to choose "Grammar Only" or "Grammar & Style." Now, go to the "setting" tab and click on it. It will be next to the "writing style". Now accordingly change the options according to the style selected. Now once you have selected the document to be checked, click the box next to the grammar check in Microsoft Office Word.

If you chose "Grammar & Style," change the "Style" options as well. Click "OK" when you finish. Finally, to sum the exercise up, select "Recheck Document" if you want to check an existing document. To automatically save your changes just press "OK."

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